Getting Started

A Chain Account is suited for companies that have several restaurant locations.  The Chain Account serves as a managerial account with centralized control over essential functions of the branch accounts, including suppliers, menus, and overseeing purchases. This article will help you get started setting up your chain account. 

Step One: Set Up Suppliers and Catalogs

The first step is to add your suppliers* and build their catalogs. You can find more information on that here:

* We suggest that suppliers are created from the Chain Account to maintain control of all of the suppliers’ information and their catalogs, including product prices and tags. However, suppliers may also be input from the branches as well if you prefer. Keep in mind that in this case, the suppliers won’t be visible from the chain.

Step Two: Add Your Branches

In the Branches section, add your branches. Remember to add yourself as a user to the branch so that you have access.

Step Three: Connect With Your POS and Build Up Your Menu

The next step is building up your menu. First check to see if SimpleOrder seamlessly integrates with your POS. To do this, check the add-ons section in the settings, and if your POS is there, connect, and then start building up your menu items. You can read more about connecting with your POS here: If your POS does not seamlessly integrate then you can start building up your menu items right away*. You can read to the articles on building up the menu here:

* If all of your branches have the same menu then the menu should be created from the chain, and the branches will simply inherit it. If the branches have mostly different menu items, then the menu should be built in each branch.

Step Four: Reports

In the reports tab you can review all of your centralized reports. The Branch Costs Summary Report shows an overview of the ordering expenditures for a selected time range for each branch. Read about the Products Report, the Product Tags Report, and the Product Price Fluctuation Report here:


To get to the Settings section, click on the restaurant icon in the top left, and click the settings gear. From here, you can view add-ons, edit /add users and company information, allow branches to manage menus and add personal products.

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