Under the profile settings you can set different options.
Click on the image icon at the top left -> Gear icon -> Profile:

Support Varieties: You can create personalized catalogs to assign to specific customers by creating catalog varieties. To learn more, click here.  

Publish full catalog if no variety is set: If you create variety groups you have the option to either show a full catalog if a customer is not associated with a variety or not to show the catalog at all. If this option is not turned on and no variety is associated, the customer will not see a catalog at all. 

Customers can update prices: with this option customers can update the final price in the catalog or use the checkbox to update catalog on receiving merchandise. The new price will only show on this customer's catalog. Nothing will change on supplier side.

Publish only final prices to clients: if you create pricing groups, this option gives you the option to show the original amount plus the discount amount and final amount or only show the final amount. 

Show all:

Show only final price:

Customers can view full catalog on demand:
Click this box, If you want to give customers that receive a variety catalog, access to your full catalog. This will allow customers to see if the full catalog in their New Order screen by clicking the cart icon on the top of the page.  

Require delivery date on all orders: this means your customers will not be able to send the order to you unless they set the delivery date. 

Sort order items by: for your convenience, you can sort the items in the order differently to the way it was listed in the original order. The options are by name, by catalog number, or by category.

Display total cases/units in orders sent by email: is not for use at the moment.

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