How to upload your catalog:

  1.  In the left menu, click Catalog

  2. Click Import/Export and select Import Catalog.

  3. To view a proper catalog file sample, download the import template provided. *Note the file contains two tabs Template and Instructions. The file must be an XLS, CSV or ODS file, and must include at least the product names and catalog numbers. You may use the template to build your own catalog.

How to fill in the details in the template:

  • Product Name and Catalog Number: these are mandatory fields (you can find the catalog number on your supplier's invoice). If there is no catalog number for a product, input any unique value here. 

  • Unit Quantity and Unit of Measurement : the size of an individual unit, such as 16 oz  (of a lemonade bottle) or 30 lb (of tomatoes). 

  • Units in Package: the number of units of a product in one case.

  • Canister : The packaging of an individual unit, such as cans, bottles, bags, etc.

  • Weighable - set 1 for weighable and 0 for non-weighable. Weighable would be for products such as chicken, cheese or vegetables that you weigh upon receiving.

  • Category - you can create categories in your catalog to keep the items in that catalog organized by groups, for example Meat, Dairy, Produce.

4. Once the file is ready, click on import catalog and Upload it. Before you click upload, map the "imported file columns" with the "SimpleOrder columns" name.

How to add an individual item to your catalog: Click Add new in the top right corner in the catalog section and the new product window will open. Fill in the details as mentioned above. 

How to delete an item from the catalog: in the catalog select the items you would like to delete, click More -> Delete.

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