Employees the representatives that work with your customers. You should assign an Agent to each customer.

How to create a new employee:

  1. On the left menu click Employees

  2. Click New employee at top right corner. 

  3. Fill in the details. You have a choice between an Agent and a Manager role. Agents will only see customers assigned to them under the customers section and will not be able to see the employee tab. Managers will see all customers, orders and will be able to edit details in the employee section.  

4. In order for more than one person to receive the order emails from a customer select the name of the additional person in the 'Copy in recipients on employee's emails' section.
For example if the Agent (employee) for  'Around the corner' customer is Dona (set in Customers section), and you would like Sara G to receive the orders from this customer as well, add her as a recipient on Dona's emails (in Employees section).

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