The integration works for SimpleOrder single account or a branch account. There is no option to connect a chain account. To integrate a branch account the chain must allow its branches to manage their own menus. Single accounts start from step 4. 

Prerequisite for Chain accounts: 

  1. Login to your Chain SO account.

  2. Go to the image icon at the top left > gear icon > profile. Check-off the option "Branches manage their own menus".

  3. Switch to the branch account and continue to step 4. 

Single accounts:
4. On the left menu click Settings > Add-ons. If Add-ons does not exist please contact SimpleOrder support.

5. Look for Breadcrumb on the list of add-ons and click Connect.

6. You will be asked to input your Breadcrumb API username and password. For instructions on how to find your API username and password copy the url in the popup message to your address bar and follow the instructions.  

7. Input the username and password and click OK.
8. Your Breadcrumb menu items and modifiers will automatically sync. Modifiers are add-ons to your menu such as cheese added to a burger. 

Note: Only active menu items will be synced to SimpleOrder. If you sync an active menu item and then you change the status to Archived in Breadcrumb the menu item will not be deleted from SimpleOrder.
You can see the status of you item on Breadcrumb under Menus -> Items -> click on an item:

In order to delete menu items which were synced from Breadcrumb into SimpleOrder you must disconnect Breadcrumb from SimpleOrder in the Settings -> Add-ons section.
Now your menu items will have a bin icon next to them. Delete the menu items that are not in use anymore (make sure the status of the menu item in Breadcrumb is set to Archived or the menu is deleted) and re-connect Breadcrumb to SimpleOrder. 

If you were an existing SimpleOrder user before connecting to Breadcrumb and you already had menu items set up on your SimpleOrder account, before you connect to Breadcrumb make sure the item's code in SimpleOrder is identical to the item's identifier in Breadcrumb so the menu items will not duplicate when syncing. 

SimpleOrder item code:

Breadcrumb -> menu -> items -> identifier

** In order to benefit the integration to the fullest and automate your inventory, you should add menu ingredients to each menu item and each modifier. Please refer to our help section on How to create menu items.
Ingredients will be deducted from SimpleOrder's inventory on end of Breadcrumb trading day.

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