A preparation is a set of ingredients used for multiple items on your menu. For example, the ingredients used to make pizza sauce are considered the "preparation" in SO and pizza sauce is an "ingredient" used in many menu items.  In SimpleOrder, you can create a preparation which you can then include as an ingredient in your recipes. This will save you the time of having to add the same ingredients for multiple menu items.  

To create a new preparation, click on Preparations on the left, and then the New Preparation button.

Creating a new preparation is much like creating a new menu item. 

On the left, write the name of the preparation, choose a picture if desired, choose a unit of measurement that you weigh this preparation by, and input the quantity of this unit of measurement.

Search for ingredients at the top exactly like in a menu item, and fill out the quantity and waste information for this ingredient.

The pricing section of a preparation simply includes the waste % if desired, and the total food cost of the preparation which consists of the food cost of every ingredient added to this preparation plus the waste.

Once a preparation has been created, it may be added to a menu item simply by typing-in the preparation name in the top searchbar of the menu item.

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