1. On the left panel click Menu

  2. Click New Menu Item on top right to create a new item.

3. Fill in the menu description:

  • Name: Write the menu item name.

  • Code: Write the code as it appears for this menu item in your POS.

  • Picture: A picture of this item may be imported. 

4. Building menu item's ingredients:

  • Search ingredients from your catalog to add to this menu item by using the top search-bar.

  • Input the quantity of the selected ingredients that is used in the menu item. You may also select a different unit of measurement as long as it is in the same “family” of units of measurement as the one selected in the catalog.

  • You have the option to add master products and preparations to a menu item. To do so search for the master product's/preparation's name.

  • A waste % may be input for each ingredient or pulled from the details of this item in the catalog (see catalog section -> waste%). Note: The total price of the item in the menu will change according to the waste percentage amount (total = total x 100 / 100 - waste%). When this menu item will be sold on a connected POS or uploaded sales file this amount (and not catalog price) will be deducted from the item's total amount in inventory. 

  • The cost of this ingredient in this menu item is shown at the right under "Cost".

  • An ingredient can be deleted by selecting the garbage can in the very right column. If in the future an ingredient of a master product that is in the menu item, has been deleted from the catalog the price will change to reflect the cost of the remaining items. If there are no items in a master product, it will appear as $0.00 on your menu section.

5. Your Food Cost:

  • Waste (%): The average waste for this menu item may be input here in addition to inputting the waste for an individual ingredient. This will change the total amount of the cost: total = 100 x total / total - waste. 

  • Total Cost: This is the food cost of all of the ingredients for this menu item added together, plus the waste percentage. Shown automatically by the system based on ingredients you inputted. 

  • Target Food Cost (%): You may input a target food cost percentage that you wish to keep your food costs at (normally around the 25-35% range) and this will give you the suggested pricing of this item. 

  • Suggested Pricing: Once you input a target food cost, this is the price at which you should sell your menu item in your restaurant (based on your food cost and target food cost %). 

  • Sales Price (Tax inc.): This is the price that you currently sell this menu item in your restaurant. Insert the amount to see your total food cost for this menu item. If your SimpleOrder account is connected to a POS this will be populated automatically. 

  • Food Cost (%): Once you add your sales price, this will show you your food cost percentage based on the price that you sell this menu item. This generated percentage is what percentage the Total Cost is of the Sales Price that you input (excluding Tax / VAT). 

Calculation of this field is as follows: 

You should add the Tax / VAT to your account at the profile level for the food cost be calculated without Tax/VAT.

6. The bottom box may be used to write the recipe for this menu item.

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