How to Create a Supplier: 

  1. On the Suppliers screen, click New Supplier in the top right corner.

  2. In the screen that pops up, input the supplier’s name and the customer number associated to the supplier (you can find your customer number on old invoices). *If you do not have a customer number insert any value as it is a mandatory field. Select the one of three ordering methods: 

  • Email: select email if you will be placing orders with this supplier through email and enter the supplier's email address. The order will be sent to the supplier’s email address. Enter the supplier's email address. 

  • Test message / SMS: select this option if you will be placing orders via text message. Enter the supplier's mobile number. 

  • Internal Use: select "internal use" if you will be placing orders with this supplier outside of the SimpleOrder platform ( i.e., for suppliers that take orders via telephone or their website)

Supplier Information
Once a supplier has been created, you can click on the name to open the supplier information, which is divided into 3 sections:

General Tab:

The general tab contains information about your supplier. You can edit the information here. If your method of ordering is set to "internal use" you will not be able to edit the fields under Main Contact

Minimum order: the minimum amount you must order with this supplier. If you try to place an order (in the New order screen) that is less than the amount set here, you will get a message indicating that you are below the minimum and you will not be able to send the order. 

Tax:  You can set a tax amount for this supplier which means that it will take effect on all the products you order with this supplier. Tax is set in percentage values and and it will appear as a dollar amount in the New Order total. Note that you can set a tax per item in the catalog. If you do so, the tax at the product's level will take precedence over the tax at the supplier's level. 

Update order prices on delivery date: if this option is selected, it means that when you receive your merchandise in the system and choose to save the delivery date to a previous date, the prices for this invoice will be updated to the prices that were set in the system on that previous date. If this option is not selected, when you save your delivery date retroactively, it will keep the current prices of the invoice.

When ordering, show prices to this supplier : this option is selected by default. If you un-check this option, this means that your supplier will not see the prices as part of the order. 

Delete a supplier - you can delete a supplier by clicking the bin icon at the bottom of the supplier's details. 

Schedules Tab:

Under the schedules tab you can input the ordering and delivery schedule for your supplier.

The image below illustrates that an order must be placed on Sunday by 1 PM in order to have it delivered on Tuesday between 12 and 5 PM. *If placing a new order that is not during your scheduled time, you will get a warning message, but can still send it.


The contacts tab is where you can add additional contacts for that supplier in addition to the main contact. There is also the option to have any of these contacts receive the order you place with that supplier in addition to the main contact.

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