How do I place a new order?

Click on the “New Order” in the main menu and select your supplier. Add products to your order by clicking the “+” button that appears next to each product or enter the desired quantities. Once you are done, click the blue “Send” button and confirm the order.

How do I search for a product?

You can search for a product in the “New Order” page in few ways:

§ Type the product name or catalog number or any other detail in the search box on the top of the catalog. The list of products will be filtered automatically.

§ If your catalog is categorized, you will find a list of categories on the left side panel. Just click any category to see only items from this category (and its sub categories).

How can I add a new product?

You can add a new product to the catalog straight from the “New Order” page by clicking the blue “+” button at the top of the catalog. 

If you intend to add a list of products, we recommend that you import your catalog from an Excel file from the Supplier's catalog screen. To import your catalog, click on the Import/Export top menu and click the “Import catalog” button.

How do I set my favorite products — products that I work with?

To mark products that you order regularly, you can click the small star next to each product (either on the Catalog screen or the New Order screen) and it will automatically appear in your favorite list. To view favorites only, click on the star button at the top of the catalog.

What about returning a product?

In the New Order page you will find a returning button to the left of the "+ & -" buttons. Just click it, add a reason for returning, update the quantity and click 'OK'.

How can I switch suppliers in the middle of an order?

If you want to order from another supplier at the same time, just click the supplier's name in the left side panel of the “New Order” page and select another supplier from the list. If you are in the middle of an order, it will remain unchanged and you will be able to get back to it.

How can I save a regular order as a template?

You can save any order as a template from two places.
(1) In the “New Order” page, in the “My Order” panel, click on the More button at the top and choose “Template”.
(2) In “Purchase Orders”, click on any order, click on a sent order and click the three vertical dots at the bottom of the order and select Template. Give the template a name click 'OK' to save it. You can find saved templates by clicking “Templates” in the Purchase Orders tab. To place a new order based on a template, choose a template from that list and click the “Open as a new order” button.

Can I export orders?

Go to “Purchase Orders”. Check the checkboxes next to the orders you want to export. Click the Export button on the top menu and choose the format you want - XLS or CSV.

Can I write a note to a Supplier with the order?

Yes you can. At the foot of an open order you’ll find a yellow tab named “Add Memo”. Click on it and enter your note.

How do I resend an old order?

To duplicate a sent order, go to Purchase Orders. Once you’ve found the desired order, click on it and, in the bottom bar, you’ll see a link to “Open as a new order”. Click to create a duplicate order.

Can I add/remove products to a duplicated order?

Sure. The duplicated order behaves as any open order would. To remove a product, click on the bin icon to its right.

How do I know that my supplier received my order?

After sending an order you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has been opened by a supplier, you’ll get another email. If your order is not opened by your supplier within two hours you will be alerted using email. You can change email settings and alert time in the “Settings” -> Notifications section. In the “Sent Orders” section you can view all sent orders and their status.

Can I create a template from a sent order?

Sure. In the "Purchase Orders" section, click on a sent order and click the three vertical dots at the bottom of the order and select "Template." You may also create a template out of a new order you are creating by clicking "More" at the top of the order form and selecting Template.

Can I edit my order?

Yes. Go to the “Purchase Orders” page and click the order you want to edit. Click the “Edit” button in the bottom of the order and edit your order data. You can delete products, add products, change quantities and more.

Important: if the order status is “Submitted,” your supplier will see the changes you've made once they open your order, but in the event the order is in “Received” status, the supplier will not be able to recheck the order to see the changes. In this case we recommend you notify your supplier that changes were made.

Can I edit my own prices?

Yes. Just go to the desired supplier catalog and you can either edit prices under the product's information, or under "More Options", click Price Update to update multiple prices quicker.

How can I set a delivery date?

In the “New Order” section, at the bottom of “My order” panel, click on “set delivery time” button. Select your delivery date and time and click OK. Your supplier will see your request when they receive the order.

How do I create a Supplier?

Click on “Suppliers” in the main menu to open your list of suppliers. Click the “New Supplier” button, insert the required details and “Save”. Your supplier has been created and will now appear in your suppliers list.

How do I add a new product to one of my suppliers?

To add a new product to a supplier catalog, open the supplier catalog, click the “Add new” button at the top right, fill in the details and click Save. Repeat for as many items as you choose to create.

How do I tag a product to a specific product family?

SimpleOrder allows you to generate cross-supplier reports by product families. Tick the checkbox to the left of the product line in the catalog. Once you have ticked the products that belong to the same family, click the “Set Tag” button in the top bar and choose the appropriate tag for your product.

What does “Internal use” mean in the supplier settings?

When a supplier is not ready to receive electronic orders, but you still would like to track your orders and get reports, you can create orders for internal use. You can also choose to create an “Internal use” order whenever you send an order: just tick the "Internal use" checkbox at the bottom of the “My Order” panel.

Can I delete a product?

Yes. to “Suppliers” and click the “catalog” link. In the catalog, click on the product and hit the “Delete” button. Note that if you delete an item that is in a menu item or a master product it will be deleted from there as well. However, it will not be deleted from inventory. 

How can I change my password?

Click on “Settings” → “User details” → “Change password”, change your password and click the “Save” button.

How do I reset my password?
On the login page click forgot password and follow the instructions. 

I no longer wish to receive emails after each order, what should I do?
Click on “Settings” → “Mail settings” and redefine your email settings as desired.

Can I invite my team to join my account?

Sure. Click on “Settings” → “Users” and add a new user to your account. The new user will receive an email with login details and a temporary password.

Not that only the account owner can invite new users to the profile. An account owner can change the owner of the account, but once changed, it can only be re-changed by the new account owner.

How can I manage my inventory on SimpleOrder?

Click on “Inventory” from the main menu, and the first thing you will do is enter the End Of Day settings for your restaurant. This is the time that your restaurant is closed so that the system can take a snapshot of your inventory levels. 

Your main inventory page can be built up in several ways. The quickest way to add products in bulk to your inventory is to go into one of your supplier's catalogs, checkbox the items you wish to add to inventory (or click the blank checkbox at the top left to checkbox all items) and under the "More" dropdown, click Track In Inventory.
To add items one by one, as well as preparations, there is an Add Item search bar at the bottom of the Inventory page where you can search for products in your catalogs. 

How do I set par levels for inventory items?

Click on “Inventory” from the main menu, and under the Par column, enter the target level for this item.

How do I create a new counting list?

In the inventory section, click New Count in the top right, and then click New List in the bottom left to create your desired counting lists. To add items to each list, click Add/Remove Items in the bottom right and checkbox the desired items for the list.

How do I sort and count stock?

The order of the items in the list can be adjusted to fit the physical layout of the room by using the “Arrange” button and dragging the item to its preferred spot. Click Start Counting to begin your count. When counting, enter the exact number of each item (in units, cases or units of measurement) in the quantity field. When you are done counting that list, click Done Counting. In order to submit a count, click Done Counting for each counting list (even if you did not count that particular list) and then click Submit.

Can I automatically replenish stock?

SimpleOrder lets you automatically prepare orders based on your inventory requirements and to order directly from the inventory page. After counting, go to "Order" in the top right of the main inventory page, and click on the batteries wherever they appear in the list.
The batteries indicate that your in-stock value for that item is less than the Warning level that you set. By clicking on the battery, the supplier for that item will appear in a box at the top, and if you click on the box, an order form will appear containing those products with the amount needed to reach the par level.

How do I calculate food cost?

Click on “Reports” from the main menu. Click on “Food cost report” from the submenu that opens up. Then, click on the “Add food cost report” button and enter the date range of the report. If you would like to exclude certain categories, click only on the product families you want in the report. If you select none, all categories will be included in the report. Enter total sales for that period and your actual food cost percentage will be calculated.

What is the “Menu” feature good for?

The Menu feature is a recipe management and costing tool. It's a calculator that allows you to create and cost your menu items in real time. If you intend to integrate your sales with your inventory you will need to breakdown your menu items into products, using the Menu feature.

How can I create and cost a menu item?

Click on “Menu” from the main menu. Click on the “New Menu Item” button. Enter a name and a code (if you have codes for your menu items on your POS, use those).

Add ingredient items that the dish requires by using the search bar at the top. As you type (at least three letters required), items from all your suppliers will appear in a list from which you can choose. Adjust the quantity for each ingredient, entering an ingredient-specific waste percentage. Under the "Pricing" section, the total cost of all of the ingredients will display. You can also add a dish-level waste percentage, as well as a target food cost percentage to receive a suggested price for that menu item under “Pricing.” If you enter the sales price at which you sell the item, you will see the current food cost percentage for that menu item.

Can I also create preparations?

You can very easily create and cost preparations for your dishes using the Menu feature. Click on “Menu” from the main menu. Click on “Preparations” in the left side panel. Click on the “New Preparation” button. Enter the preparation name, quantity, measurement and waste. Add the ingredients one by one using the “Type to add a new item” search field. As you type, items from all your suppliers will appear in a list from which you can choose (at least three letters required). The preparation will appear as an additional ingredient that you can choose, when building your menu items.

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