1. Export your sales from your POS (file should include item code, quantity and date).

  2. Login to your SO account.

  3. Click Sales (if Sales does not exist please contact SimpleOrder support at info@simpleorder.com).

  4. On the Sales page click Import Sales (see note below for format of file and mandatory fields).

Note: files can be in format of Excel (XLS & XLSX), Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) and Comma-separated values (CSV) files.
Mandatory fields to upload are: item code, quantity and date, optional fields are item name and price.

Important: modifiers are not included. If your POS assigns item sku to modifiers you can create it as a menu items in SimpleOrder and upload in the file as a menu item. 

File should include the following while item code is mandatory for a successful upload.

Quantity: if there is no quantity in the file it will be uploaded as 1.

Price: if there is price mentioned on the file it will be pulled when running the food cost report. If not, when running the food cost report you will be asked to enter an amount. 

Date: use your location format (appears under Settings -> Profile -> Date/Time format). For example, for United Kingdom use dd/mm/yy, for United States use mm/dd/yy. Or use the ISO format. The beginning of a day is based on your end of day settings in SimpleOrder. For example if it's set to 3am, the file will include sales up until 3am of next day. 

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