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Export your order (or see our section on accounting system integration)

In the purchase orders section you can track and manage your orders. You can see how many orders have been submitted, received or delivered and you can edit any quantity or price upon receiving the merchandise. 

To view a list of the orders you have placed in the system, click Purchase Orders on the left menu. Here you can view the: order number, sent date, supplier name, total amount, sender, and the order status. 

You can also see if the order has been synced with your accounting system or if there was a delivery note created with the order. 

Status of Order:

Submitted - means you have sent the order to your supplier (if the order was sent as an email or text) but it has not been either received or read by the supplier yet.

Received - means your order has been seen by your supplier. The status changes automatically from 'Submitted' to 'Received' once the supplier clicks on the link in the email or text.

Internal Use - means you have created the order internally (for orders not sent as an email or text). For example, when you order over the phone or purchase directly from the store. 

Delivered - status changes automatically from 'Received' or 'Internal Use' to 'Delivered' when you receive the merchandise in the system. (See below how to receive merchandise). 

Completed - you can change an order to completed in the Payment Report. This means that the order can not be edited. This is further explained here: Payment report.

You can filter the display by all of the above statuses, by supplier or by date. You can also search for a specific order in the search box at the top of the page. 

How to receive your merchandise:

  1. In the Purchase Orders screen click on the order you would like to receive (only for orders set as Received or Internal Use). The order will open, displaying order details. 

  2. Click on Receive Merchandise

3. The order can now be edited. You can add an invoice number, any additional items delivered with your order (but not ordered originally) and you can change quantities and/or prices, as well as set the correct delivery date and time.

Changing prices in your invoice:

  • If your invoice indicates a different price for an item, change the unit price (price for one case) or total price (price paid for this order) for the item. If you agree to the change of price, click “Update your own prices according to changes made in this order", and this will update the price in the catalog and throughout the system as the new price as of the delivered date.

  • If the price change was not agreed on and you think you deserve credit for it, do not check the checkbox to update the catalog and you will see a credit line.  

  • You can then send a credit notification to your supplier (see below how to send a notification). 

Changing quantities in your invoice: 

  • If you received a different quantity of an item than the quantity ordered and you are okay with the new quantity/you were charged according to the new total, then amend the quantity under the Invoice - Quantity column. This will change the total price of the invoice. 

  • Click Save and you will see the the updated total. You will also see the new quantity in green which means it is different to the original amount. 

  • You can click on Show original at any time and see the original quantity.  

  • If you received a different quantity of an item than you ordered and you are not okay with the received quantity, then amend the quantity under the "Delivered - Quantity" column. This will not change the total price of the invoice and will create a credit line. 

Send a credit notification to your supplier:

  • After you save the invoice, click on the 3 dots next to the print icon, then on send credit notification. The notification will be emailed or texted to your supplier. Note that you will not get a notification that the supplier has seen the notification email, therefore make sure that they received the message. 

Save your order retroactively:

  • You can save your orders to a retroactive date. To do so, after clicking on "Receive merchandise" and making all changes needed, click on the calendar and select the date, then click Save.

Note that if the supplier’s prices have changed since you placed that order, you can go to “supplier’s details,” and click on “Update order prices on delivery date” and your invoice will reflect the supplier’s prices based on that delivery date.  

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