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Create an order as a template
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How to place an order:

  1. On the left menu panel click New Order.

  2. Click on the supplier you would like to order from. Suppliers that appear with a cart icon already have a draft order (draft order means that an order was started, but was never sent).

3. The New order screen will show a list of the supplier’s products. Click on the plus sign (+) to add the amount, or type in the amount you would like to order.

  • If there is no option to add the amount, then this item is set to ‘cannot be ordered’ in your catalog (see section on advanced tab in catalog). 

  • Items that are set to ‘cannot be published’ in the catalog will not appear on the order list (see section on advanced tab in catalog). 

  • If you set a par in your inventory, it will appear next to the product, indicating how much needs to be ordered to reach your par level (see how to set pars in inventory section). 

4. Adding a returned item: In the New order screen, click on the return arrow and type in the reason for return (your supplier will see this reason in the order). Click OK and you will see the returned item under Returned items in the My Order section.

5. To view order details such as tax, subtotal, and discounts before sending your order, click on the arrow next to the “Total amount.” (to learn how to add taxes and deposits to an item see Price section in Catalog).

6. Click Send and your order will be sent to your supplier's email address or cell phone. 

7. Set as Internal Use; To save the order internally without sending it to the supplier, select the checkbox nest to Internal use and click Save. 

Note: When you are setting the order to ‘Internal use’, the delivery day becomes the sent date. Click on it to select a different day and time of internally sent orders.
To set all orders for a specific supplier as Internal use, change the ordering method in Supplier's details General tab.

Additional information you can add to an order:

  • Add memo: if you need to write a note regarding the order to your supplier, click Add memo and type your message.

  • Set delivery time: You can select a day and time for the delivery of this order by clicking on Set delivery time.

Or you can set a fixed delivery time per supplier in Supplier’s details section and this delivery time will automatically appear in the ‘New order’ screen. You will still have the option to click on the delivery time and change it. When the calendar opens up it will show you the fixed delivery days set for this supplier - the days with the blue triangles are delivery days. When you set a fixed delivery time you also set an ordering time. If you place an order which is not on the set day, you will get a warning message.

  • Create an order as a template: orders can be saved as a template for future use, therefore if you place the same order for a product each day, week or month, you can save the order as a template so that you don’t have to create a new order each time.

  • Export an order: To export the order click on More -> Export.

  • Print or delete the order: to print the order, click on the print icon at the top. To delete, click on the bin icon.

  • Set as favorite: Items can be set as favorites in the catalog and in the new order screen. To set an item as a favorite, click on the star icon next to it. You will then be able to filter the list by favorites. Click on the star at the top to do so.

  • Create a new item: you can add a new item to the catalog in the New order screen. Click the Add new product button at the top, add the details and click Save. You will see the product on your list and will be able to order from it.

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