1. Login to your SO account.

  2. On the left menu click Settings > Add-ons. If Add-ons does not exist please contact SimpleOrder support.

  3. Look for Square on the list of add-ons and click Connect.

  4. You will be redirected to Square’s login page where you will be asked to login to your account. Authorize the connection.

  5. Once connected, you will be redirected to the Settings page in SimpleOrder where your Square's menu items and modifiers will automatically sync. Modifiers are add-ons to your menu such as cheese added to a burger. Note: if you have variations for a menu item in Square, we will create all of them in SimpleOrder. For example, Burger has two two sizes in Square: "6oz" and "8oz", two menu items will be created in SimpleOrder as they have different names and SKU's. 

Your SimpleOrder is now connected to your POS. Any time you add a menu item on Square you can sync it with SimpleOrder by clicking on the sync button at the top right hand side on the Menu page in SimpleOrder.

In order to delete menu items that you are not using in Square anymore, disconnect Square from SimpleOrder in the settings section. Now your menu items will have a bin icon next to them. Re-connect to Square. 

Note: In order to benefit the integration to the fullest and automate your inventory, you should add menu ingredients to each menu item and each modifier. Please refer to our help section on your account for detailed instructions. Help > Getting started videos > Building your menu items.

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