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Setting your pars and warnings
How to place an order
Ordering Master Products

Setting your Pars and Warnings:

You can set a par and/or a warning for your items in the main inventory section. This will alert you when quantities go below a set amount. Par levels are defined as the ideal quantity you want in stock of a certain product. When the inventory level of a product goes below the set warning level, the number will appear in red.

Tip: You may want to consider the amount of time it takes to deliver each item when you set the par and warning levels.

How to place an order:

You can replenish your inventory by clicking the Order button at the top right hand corner. The advantage of ordering from inventory window is that you can see the quantities you have in stock and the quantities you need to order to reach your par level. You can also order from various suppliers in the same place.  

You can add the desired quantity or click the battery icon to top up to your par level. Once you add the quantity the total price for it will appear to the right. Products  below the warning level will appear with a red alarm sign next to their count.

Ordering Master Products:

To order items that are part of a master product, click on the button with number of items next to it -> this will open the master product window -> click the plus symbol (+) to increase quantities.

If there was a par set for this master product and the quantity is below the par, you will see the battery icon for each of the items and the quantity needed to reach the par level. For example, 5 packages of one item that comes in smaller packages or only 1 package of another item that comes in a big package. You can also type in the amount manually. You can choose to order the desired quantity from one supplier or from several suppliers. For example: if your par level is 5L and you order 3L from one supplier, the system will give you suggestions on how much you would need to order from other suppliers to reach the remaining 2L.

In addition, with the master product option you are able to compare between products or suppliers by looking at the price per unit.

When you are done topping up the master product, just click on the x sign at the top right (there is no save button).

When you are done inserting the amounts for all of the products you will have the option to finish the order by clicking on the supplier button at the top. 

Once you click on the supplier's order at the top, the order will open on the right and you will be able to review or edit it. Then click Send to submit the order to your supplier.

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