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Add individual items/preparations
Add items in bulk
How to delete an item/master product from inventory

On the main inventory screen you are able to see your stock levels and the value of the quantities on hand.

You can set an alert warning to notify you when you go below your par levels. You can also filter your view by tags or suppliers, or search for an individual product. Note that the inventory value total at the top right hand side changes according to your set filter.

Columns can be set to ascending or descending by clicking on the column title.
In order to export inventory to an excel sheet click on More actionsExport.

Add individual items/preparations

  1. Click on Add item in the bottom of the screen, type-in a product's name, you will get a list of items.

  2. Click on the item you would like to add.

  3. The item will be added to the bottom of the inventory list. Note: the list includes items that are already in inventory.

  4. You can also add a prepared item into your inventory (one that has been previously created in Preparation in the Menu section). To do so, look for the name of the prepared item in "Add item" (you will notice that instead of the supplier's name it will say “Preparation”), click on it to add it to your inventory.

Add items in bulk:

  • In order to add several items or a whole catalog to inventory, on the left menu click Suppliers → select a specific supplier → select the items you would like to add by checking off the boxes next to them (or the main checkbox at the top) → click More  → Track in inventory.

Any time you receive merchandise in Purchase Orders, items that are not already in your inventory will automatically be added. *Applies for automated inventory only. 

If you created all the ingredients of your menu items in the menu section and you are connected to your POS (or you upload a Sales file), when those menu items are sold their ingredients will automatically be added to your inventory, if doesn't exist there yet. *Applies for automated inventory only. 

Any item that is reported in the wastage report will automatically be added to inventory, if doesn't exist there yet. *Applies for automated inventory only. 

How to delete an item from inventory:

In order to delete items from inventory, check-off the checkboxes next to the items (or check the main box at the top for all items), click on More actionsDelete.

Note: if you delete an item from inventory and afterwards you sell it in your POS (an ingredient in a menu item) or you order it from your suppliers, it will automatically be added to inventory again.

With master products you can either delete an entire master product or items within a master product. If you delete an entire master product, you will be able to add it as a full master product in the future (including all of the items it included before). However, if you delete an entire master product but would like to add the individual item that was part of a master product, you must delete the item from the master product first.
In order to delete items from a master product, click on the three dots -> Add alternatives. The master product window will pop-up. Click on the bin icon. 

Note: when you remove products from a master product they are also removed from inventory. You would have to add the individual items back to inventory by clicking on Add item

If you are deleting an item that is located in a master product, and this master product is in a menu item, in your menu section, the price will change to reflect the cost of the remaining items. If there are no items in the master product, it will appear as $0.00 on your menu section.

To learn how to create master products click here.

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