Step 1: Connecting Sage-50 with SimpleOrder

  1. Login to your SO account.

  2. Click the image at the top left then the gear icon for Settings.

  3. On the Settings page click Add-ons.

  4. Look for Sage-50 and click Connect.


Step 2: Tagging your items

  1. Click Suppliers on the left menu panel.

  2. Click on a supplier’s catalog and check that all of the items that you would like to export to Sage are tagged.

  3. If they are not tagged, select the items by checking off the boxes next to each item.

4. A Set Tag menu will appear at the top of the page, click it and select a tag.

5. Create a new tag by clicking Create Tag on the dropdown.

6. Once a tag is selected or created, it will appear under the Tag column automatically.

7. Do this for all catalogs. 


Step 3: Exporting your orders

  1. On the left menu panel click Sent Orders.

  2. Checkoff the orders you would like to export to Sage. Note: Only delivered orders can be sent to Sage. You can filter Sent Orders to only show delivered orders.

*If you are missing an invoice number, click the individual order. Click Edit, add an invoice number at the top of the order and click Save.

3. Click the Export icon at the top right hand side and select Sage-50. This will download your orders in a format that is suitable for Sage-50.

4. Import the file into your Sage-50 account.

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