Step 1: Connect SimpleOrder with KashFlow

  1. Login to your SO account.

  2. Click the image at the top left then the gear icon for Settings.

  3. On the Settings page click Add-ons. (If you don’t see the Add-ons feature please contact our support team at and we will gladly enable it for you).

  4. Look for KashFlow on the list of add-ons and click Connect.

  5. Insert your KashFlow login details on the pop-up and click OK.

Step 2: Match your SimpleOrder suppliers with KashFlow suppliers

  1. On your SO account click Suppliers on the left menu panel (This is the list of your suppliers).

  2. Login to your KashFlow accounting system. 

  3. On the left menu panel click Suppliers. This is the list of suppliers you have on KashFlow.

It is mandatory to match your supplier code in SimpleOrder to that of its counterpart in KashFlow. If you are not provided with a supplier code, just choose any number to match.

SimpleOrder > Supplier

KashFlow > Suppliers

Step 3: Sending your orders to KashFlow

  1. Click Sent orders on SimpleOrder left menu panel.

  2. On the Sent Orders page check-off all of the delivered orders you would like to send to KashFlow. Note: In order to sync the orders, all orders must have an invoice number and be marked as "delivered". You can filter your Sent Orders to only show delivered orders.

3. Once you tick your orders, a “Send to KashFlow” button will appear on the top right hand side, Click it. You will get a message that the orders were synced successfully and a KashFlow icon will appear to the right of the order indicating that this order has been synced.

You will be able to see the transferred invoices in KashFlow under Purchases.

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