Step 1: Connecting SimpleOrder with Xero

  1. Login to your SO account.

  2. Click the image at the top left then the gear icon for Settings.

  3. Click  -> Add-ons on the left menu panel. (If your Add-ons feature is not enabled please contact our support team at

  4. Locate Xero on the list of add-ons and click Connect. This will redirect you to Xero login page.

  5. Login to Xero and click Authorize to allow the connection between Xero and SimpleOrder. You will automatically be redirected back to SimpleOrder.


Step 2: Add your items to Xero

Inventory item codes in Xero need to match that of the items catalog number within SimpleOrder:

  1. In your Xero account click on Accounts > Inventory > Add item.

  2. In the “New item” window type-in the item code as it appears in Ctg no. in your supplier's catalog in SimpleOrder.

  3. In the “Item name” field type-in the name of the product.

  4. Click Save.

SimpleOrder > Suppliers > Catalog

Xero > Accounts > Inventory > Add item

Step 3: Match catalog tags (optional)

Tags for products in SimpleOrder should match the names of the corresponding expense accounts in Xero for accounting purposes (not required):

  1. Login to Xero. On the top menu click Settings > Chart of Accounts > Add Account.

  2. In the “Add New Account” window select Expense for the account “Type”.

  3. Type-in a unique code in Xero that matches the tag names in SimpleOrder. You want to create a code for every tag in SimpleOrder. The code that matches the tag name in SimpleOrder, categorizes your products i.e fish, meat, dairy etc…

  4. Under “Name” in Xero, put any name that helps you identify the product.

  5. Repeat creating these accounts for every tag, for example: meat, dairy, produce.

6. Login to SO account, on the left menu panel click Suppliers > and click on one supplier’s Catalog.

7. Tick the products you would like to tag with the same tag name. Once you tick-off one checkbox the Set Tag menu will appear at the top of the page.

8. Click on Set Tag to open the dropdown and select a tag. SimpleOrder comes with a default list of tags. In order to add new tags to the list click Set Tag > Create Tag. Remember the tag's name has to be identical to the account code in Xero.

Step 4: Sending your orders to Xero

  1. In SimpleOrder on the left menu panel click Sent Orders.

  2. On the Sent Orders page check-off all of the delivered orders you would like to send to Xero.Note: In order to sync the orders all orders must have an invoice number and be marked as "delivered". You can filter Sent Orders to only show delivered orders.

3. Once you check-off the orders a "Send to Xero" button will appear at the top right corner of the page, click it. You will get a message that the order has been synced successfully.

       You can see the invoices in Xero under Accounts  > Purchases > Drafts.

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