Step 1: Tag your items

SimpleOrder uses product tags to identify which expense account should be used within QuickBooks:

  1. Login to your SO account.

  2. Click Suppliers then click on one supplier's catalog.

  3. In the supplier's catalog check the boxes for the products you would like to tag. Once you tick a checkbox, the Set Tag menu will appear at the top of the page.

  4. Click on Set Tag to open the dropdown and select a tag. The tag will then appear under the “Tag” column for that product.

  5. SimpleOrder comes with a default list of tags. In order to add tags to the list click Set Tag > Create Tag.

  6. If you have sub-accounts in Quickbooks you would have to enter the entire name in as a tag. For example: Food:Grocery:Dairy.

Step 2: Send your orders to QuickBooks

  1. On the left menu panel click Settings > Add-ons. (If your Add-ons feature is not enabled please contact our support team at

  2. Locate QuickBooks on the list of add-ons and click Connect.

  3. On the left menu click on Sent Orders.

  4. Select one or multiple orders that you would like to import to your accounting system by ticking off the checkboxes (make sure you have invoice numbers for the orders).

  5. Click the Export icon on the top right hand side and select QuickBooks.

  6. The invoices will then automatically be exported according to QuickBooks format (iif).

7. Import the file into your QuickBooks account. Once imported you will be able to see the invoices in QuickBooks under Transactions > Bills.

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