What's it for?

The Daily Report gives you information on your daily ordering status. It shows you what orders are due to be placed today and until what time to order to meet the “cut-off” time of the supplier (according to the supplier’s schedule). For your convenience you have an Order button next to orders due today. Clicking on the button will take you to the New Order screen to place the order. 

How to run the report:
On the main menu click Reports -> Today.

Ordering Diary gives you an overview of your week’s orders and you can filter your selection by:

Pending delivery today - The orders which are due to be delivered to your place today. 

Delivered today - The orders already delivered today and which you have changed the status of the order to “Delivered”.

Orders not received - Orders were sent to suppliers but have not been seen by suppliers yet. Status of order is “Submitted”.  

According to the settings in your supplier’s schedule, an order marked with:
Green circle - the order has been sent on or prior to its scheduled time.
Yellow circle - the order has been sent on the right day but after the due time.
Blue circle - the order has been sent although it was not specifically scheduled for today.
Red circle - the order was due to be sent today, but has not been sent.

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