What's it for?

The Payment Report allows you to track your orders, credits and payments due, over a specified time period.

The report concentrates this information in one place enabling you to edit the orders in this screen should you need to. You can filter the orders, credits and amount due by a specific supplier. You can also mark an order as completed once it is exported to your accounting system, or once the handling of this order is completed. (By doing so, the order will no longer be editable).

How to run the report:

  1. On the Side Menu click on Reports -> Products Payment Report;

  2. You can filter the report by Supplier and Dates.  

  3. When you scroll down you will see: the total amount, the total credit, and the total amount due or paid (including tax).

  4. By clicking on the order, a detailed report of the order will be visible and it is editable should you need to make any changes.

  5. You can sort this report by each column, ascending or descending. Just click on the column title.


Columns details:

Sent: the date when the order was placed.

Status: status of order in the system. If you have statuses other than “Delivered” it’s recommended to check if the merchandise indeed has not been received or if the order has not been changed to “Delivered”. In the latter case go to Purchase Orders section and change the status to Delivered.  

Total: the total amount due at the time of placing the order.

Credit: credit that is due for this order (because of price or quantity difference between the invoice and what was actually agreed or delivered).

Pay: what you due to pay according to changes made to the order when you received merchandise (changes in quantities or prices).

Completed: You can check off the checkbox next to the order and change the status of the order to completed. This will lock this order for any further editing in SimpleOrder (in this report and in Purchase Orders section).

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