What's it for?

Product Price Fluctuation tracks the price changes for each product during a period of time. Using this report, you can see if prices have increased or decreased during the specified period and by how much. This allows you to stay on top of your prices, make sure you are being charged the contract prices you have agreed to with your supplier, and make adjustments where needed.

Note that the “Diff (%)” reflects the percentage difference in price between the price at the beginning and the price at end of the selected period. For a graphical visualization of the price changes during the period click on the product.
This reports shows price changes which were saved to catalog. Changes made to orders on received merchandise but not used the "Update your own prices according to changes made in this order", will not be reflected in this report. 

How to run the report:

  1. On the Side Menu click on Reports -> Products Price Fluctuation.

  2. You can filter the report by supplier and dates from the dropdown menus at the top.  

  3. Once the data appears you can search for a specific product.

  4. You can sort this report by each column, ascending or descending. Just click on the column title.

In order to export the report in an excel format click the Export icon at the top.

Note: If you click on an item you will get a graphical visualization of the price changes. 

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