What's it for?

The Product Tags Report allows you to follow-up on your costs based on groups of products you define. This will allow you to see how much you spent on “Beverages” compared to “Meat” or “Dairy Products” or any other group you define. In each group you can see how much you spend on that group and the distribution among your different suppliers. The groups are defined by you and called “Tags” in the system.

The report includes all orders that were delivered during the relevant period, and all orders sent and not yet delivered.

Make sure to tag all your items for a more detailed information.

How to run the report:

  1. On the Side Menu click on Reports -> Products Tags;

  2. Select the date range and tax option from the top dropdown menus.

  3. You can sort columns, ascending or descending. Just click on the column title.

In order to export the report in an excel format click the Export icon at the top.

Total due ($) is the total with tax, if exists.
% is the percentage of this group bought from a specific supplier out of all of the orders of this product type. For example, 75% of your dairy products you bought from US foods and only 25% from Dairyland.

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