What's it for?

The report can be pulled by item or by occurrence and lets you monitor how much waste you are generating in your establishment.
Once reporting an item, the reported quantity will automatically be deducted from inventory. 

How to report wastage:

1. On the left menu click Reports -> Wastage report.
2. On the wastage report screen click on the bin icon at the top right hand side.

3. Search for the item you would like to report and select it, give a reason and indicate the quantity. You can report the same item multiple times.

4. The report can be viewed by the number of times the item is reported (view by occurrence) or by the individual item (view by item). If you report an item more than once and you view by item, the total reported quantity will be aggregated.

You can search for a reported item at the search box at the top and can sort the display by the different columns (ascending or descending). 

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