Now you can label menu items, preparations and modifiers by groups. You can combine these items into groupings, such as: appetizers, main dishes, beverages and desserts. This will help you keep the Menu section in your profile more organized. You will now be able to filter the Profitability Report by groups and receive a reports about specific groups of items. For example, if you want to know how profitable desserts are, you can filter the report by desserts. You can also filter this report by multiple groups. 

What this new feature will allow you to do: 

  • Assign groups to all menu components: menu items, preparations and modifiers (Note: This does not include Master Products)

  • Assign multiple groups to a single item

  • Filter the profitability report by groups

  • Filter the menu by groups

How to Set a Group in the Menu Section: 

  • Go to Menu on the left hand tool bar 

  • Each menu item will have a small box to the left of it

  • Click on the box to the left of the product name (Note: you can select multiple products) 

  • Once you click on the boxes, selecting an existing group or create a new by clicking Set Group. 

  • Once you've set a group, you can filter the menu to view items by groups. 

Note:  You can assign a menu item, preparation or modifier to multiple groups. 

How to Set a Group inside a Menu Item (recipe): 

  • Go to menu

  • Open menu item

  • On the left hand panel beneath the name there is an “Add Group” button

Click on Add Group, select an existing group or type in a new group name. 

How to View Menu Groups in Profitability Report: 

  • Go to "Reports" on the left hand menu panel

  • Click on Profitability Report

  • In the Profitability Report you can filter your menu items by one group or multiple groups 

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