Welcome to SimpleOrder’s Back of House Operations platform. You’re just minutes away from starting to reduce food costs and boosting your profit margin.

With SimpleOrder, it all starts with your products.
Inventory Management, Menu Costing and, of course, Purchasing. This quick guide shows you how to add new products into the system, how to order them from your supplier and turn them into inventory which you’ll be able to easily track, cost and replenish.

Step One: Create or Enter a Product

Start by entering the supplier/vendor for that item. To set up a new supplier, click on the Suppliers (1) to open the list of suppliers you are connected with.

Click on the blue "New Supplier" button. (2)

Enter supplier details and click on the "Save" button. (3)

Tip: You should be able to find Supplier details on an old invoice including your customer number.

Once you have created a supplier, now you can add products to its catalog.

Click on the catalog link next to the supplier (4) to open the supplier's catalog.

Adding a New Product to a Catalog

NOTE: If you have a copy of your Supplier catalog in Excel, CSV or ODS format you can click here to learn how to upload it all, save yourself the following paragraph, and skip to the next step.

Click on the "New Product" Button. (5)

After entering a unique catalog number (preferably SKU) (6) and Product Name, fill in your own set prices and all relevant information.

For example, is the item weighable or does it come in units? (7)

Tip: Use an old invoice for guidance (product name, how it’s measured, price etc)

Step Two: Ordering

Go to New Order on the side menu. (1)
Choose a supplier. (2)

To order simply click on the quantities (3) you require for the item in the catalog and build your order (see right hand-side).

If the catalog is a long one, use the search box (4) or categories (if they exist) to find items.

Before sending, add a memo (5) if you have something you’d like your Supplier to know.

Click the blue “Send” button (6) to place your order.

Review the order and confirm by clicking YES. (7)

Step Three: Building your Inventory

Each item that you receive from your supplier/vendors is automatically added to your inventory to be counted, monitored and used in recipe building.

Adding an item manually to Inventory

You may wish to add an item that you haven’t received to your inventory. To do so, go to catalog, select an item (check box) (1) and choose "Track in Inventory" (2) from the "More" drop-down menu in the top bar.

Step Four: Building Your Menu

SimpleOrder lets you build and cost your menu from the priced items in your inventory. In addition, SimpleOrder’s Automatic Inventory will deduct the ingredients of each dish sold, allowing you a real time virtual inventory to refer to and to compare with your actual count.
For more on Automatic Inventory and POS integration, click here.

Build and Cost a Dish

Click on the Menu icon on the side menu (1), then click on New Item. (2)

Start by entering a name for your dish (3) and, if you intend to integrate with your POS for Automatic Inventory Management, the unique POS code (4) for this dish (so that when it's sold, its ingredients will be deducted from your inventory)

Enter recipe ingredients one by one by typing an ingredient in the search bar (5) and SimpleOrder will offer you items from your supplier catalogs. Enter the amount of each ingredient required for that dish. If you throw away a percentage of the ingredient don’t forget to enter it as waste. (6) When you have completed the recipe you’ll be able to see its cost based on real time prices. (7)

You can enter cooking directions in the large window below. (8)

If you’d like help calculating a Sales Price for the dish set a target food cost % for your dish and SimpleOrder will calculate the price you should charge. (9)

Tip: Ideally food cost should be between 25% and 35%.

When finished Save. (10)

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