The Profitability Report tracks the price of your menu items against the cost of each dish on your menu, to determine its profitability.  For chain accounts, the report shows both the total profitability and the sum of sales of all the branches combined and the profitability and sum of sales for each branch individually.

To view the Profitability Report: 

On the side menu click on Reports → You will be navigated to our "Reports Center" → Click on the "Profitability Report"  

Once you are on the Profitability Report page, you can select which columns you would like to have displayed in the report 

The time range is defaulted to the last 7 days. Custom ranges can be set as well as predefined periods.

Quantity Sold: This number shows how much of this menu item was sold during the selected time frame.

Total Sales ($): The total NET revenues for the selected time period. 

NET Item price ($): This is the actual price paid for the menu item in the POS after price alterations such as discounts. Found by dividing the Total Sales by the Quantity Sold.

Menu Item Price ($): The sales price of the menu item in SimpleOrder.

Recipe Cost ($): This is the monetary value of the total food cost of the menu item. This is calculated by adding together all of the food costs of each individual ingredient in that menu item's recipe.

Recipe Cost (%): The food cost percentage of the menu item, based on the menu item's sales price in SimpleOrder. This is calculated by dividing the Total/Recipe Cost by the Sales Price (Tax Inc.)

NET Cost (%): The net food cost percentage, which is the food cost percentage taking into account the NET item price that was actually paid. This is found by dividing the the recipe cost ($) by the NET item price.

Total Cost ($): The total food cost in monetary value paid for this menu item. Found by multiplying the quantity sold by the recipe cost ($).

Profit ($): The total profit you have made from selling this menu item during the selected time frame. This is found by subtracting the Total Cost from the Total Sales.

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