You can now customize what features each user can use on your account. If you go to the Settings page under the users tab, you will see an editing icon next to each user. 

When you click on that icon, a box will pop up with all the permission options. 

Once you click on the icon, you can determine which permissions you'd like to give to each user on your account. 

Permission Options 

The Admin user: Admin Users have access to all features, including user management and will be the only user that can manage profile settings. 

Super users: Super Users have access to all the features, excluding user management and profile settings. 

* For all the permissions below, you can select one or a combination of permissions for each user. Note that the default permission will be set to " Super User" for each account, until you change the permissions. 

Ordering: Permission to send orders and receive merchandise and edit orders.  

Inventory & Counting Pages: Permission to access inventory feature, keep track of inventory and counts, manage inventory, add items, and remove items.  

Menu & Recipe Management: Permission to manage menu items and recipes, change recipes, change quantities, create master products, create preparations under menu items. 

Read-Only Menu: Grants read-only access to the menu. User can view anything in the menu but can not make any edits. 

Suppliers & Catalogs: Permission to manage suppliers and catalogs, add new suppliers, add new products to catalog, and edit products. 

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