For chains that manage the menu, the master products are built from the chain's menu section. The chain will add global alternatives, and branches can add branch alternatives. 

Let's say, for example, that a branch uses a chain supplier to order onions, as well as a local market that only this branch orders from. The chain creates a master product for Onions and adds the chain supplier's onions as an alternative. Then the branch adds the local market's onions as another alternative.

Steps to create master products in the chain:

  1. In the chain account, go to menu --> Master Products --> New Master Product.

  2. Name the master product and search for the chain's alternative product(s) and add them to the master product.

  3. Make sure the unit of measurement is set to the correct one, and click Save.

  4. In the branch account, go to menu --> Master Products, and select the relevant master product. 

  5. Search for the branch's alternative product(s) and add them to the master product, and click save.


  • The purchases, sales and wastage events will all update the same master product.

  • Once a chain creates a master product and adds an alternative that exists in one of the branch's inventory, the raw product will be replaced with the new master product.

  • Deleting a master product will delete it from the branches' inventories

  • Branches won't be able to edit chain master products, other than adding/removing their own alternatives.

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