Your central kitchen account should include three different accounts:

A Retailer account
A CK supplier account
A Chain account with locations (branches) 


  • Your CK Retailer orders raw materials (such as flour, yeast, sugar) from external suppliers, such as Sysco or Baldor. They use the raw materials to make prepared food (such as cheesecake, brownies, or sandwiches). These items will be sold from your CK supplier to your restaurant locations.

  • Your CK Supplier sells the prepared items to your locations, therefore the CK Supplier catalog lists the prepared items, e.g. “Cheesecake.” If you sell raw materials from your CK Supplier to your locations, those will also be listed in the catalog, e.g. strawberries. 

  • Your location places an order of cheesecake with CK Supplier. Your CK Supplier sees the order in the Orders section and processes the order. When the supplier processes the order, the ingredients of these prepared items are deducted from the CK Retailer inventory. 

  • Location inventory increases each time an order is delivered and decreases each time it's sold through the POS system. 

Setting Up:

Supplier account

A. Supplier Catalog: 

  1. On the left menu panel, go to Catalog and upload your catalog (you can also create the products individually). The items may be prepared products or raw materials.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload your supplier’s catalog click the link.

B. Supplier Customers: 

  1. On the left menu click Customers and make sure that the chain and location accounts are connected customers. If you do not see them on the list follow these instructions how to create customers on a supplier account.

CK Retailer account 

A. Retailer Suppliers and Catalogs:

  1. You create your suppliers and upload your catalogs by going to Suppliers ->  New Supplier. For step-by-step instructions on how to create suppliers and import catalogs, click the links. 

B. Retailer Menus: 

  1. On the left menu, go to Menus and click New menu item.  

  2. Insert a name and code: the name and code must be the same as in your CK Supplier's catalog. 

  3. Add ingredients: the ingredients are the raw materials ordered from external suppliers.

For example:

  • Item name: Cheesecake

  • Item code: c123 

  • Item ingredients: sugar, yeast, flour…

 For step-by-step instructions: how to create menus.

C. Retailer Inventory: 

  1. You can add items to your inventory from Inventory or Catalog. The items are the raw materials that the CK Retailer orders from external suppliers. Anytime the CK supplier processes an order placed by a restaurant location (i.e. cheesecake), the ingredients of that item (e.g. flour, yeast, sugar) are deducted from your retailer inventory. 

To see the different options for adding items to your inventory click here: How to add items to your inventory.

Chain and Branch (Location) accounts:

A. Chain Catalog:

The chain and location accounts will see the CK Supplier’s catalog in the Suppliers section. 

B. Chain Menu: 

*Option one: Your account is connected to a POS and the menus are synced with SimpleOrder. This means that the item name and item code are taken from your POS system: 

  1. Add ingredients to the menu section. Ingredients are the prepared items that you order from your CK Supplier.

  2. In your restaurant location, if you sell a piece cheescake through your POS system, then the portion of the cheesecake sold will be deducted from your location’s inventory.  

*Option two: You upload a sales file which is downloaded from your POS to the Menu section in SO. This means that you have to manually add the item name and code for each menu item: 

  1.  In Menu, create your menus. Item name and code must be the same as in your POS. 

  2. Add ingredients to the menu section. Ingredients are the prepared items that you order from your CK Supplier.

C. Branch Inventory: 

  1. Add items to your inventory from your catalog in the Suppliers section. Any time a sale is made through your POS, the ingredients of the menu item will decrease from your inventory. 

POS connection: How to connect to your POS or How to upload a Sales file.


*Your locations order raw materials, as well as prepared food, from your CK Supplier.
Any raw material (e.g. strawberries) sold to your restaurant locations through your CK Supplier should be listed in your CK Retailer’s Catalogs and Inventory:


*Your locations are connected directly to external suppliers, as well as the CK Supplier, then:

  1. Suppliers on Chain will include CK Supplier and external suppliers.

  2. Chain/Branch menus will include any combination of items. 

  3. Branches inventories will include CK Supplier’s items and external suppliers’ items. Inventory will decrease when items are sold on POS (or sales file is uploaded). 

In this case when branches order directly from external suppliers, the CK Retailer inventory will not be affected by the locations' orders. 

Once your Central Kitchen Retail account is connected to your Central Kitchen Supplier account, your retailer's stock levels will change in real time. Every time the CK Supplier processes an order placed by a location, the raw materials of that order will automatically be deducted from your Retailer inventory. To learn more about automatic CK inventory click here.

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