What is a Master Product:

A master product is the grouping together of items that can be used interchangeably. It can be the same product you order from different suppliers, or an item that comes in different size packaging.

A master product allows you to keep track of the total amount of the items as if they were one item. This is reflected in the following examples:

  1. If you receive an order of potatoes from many different suppliers, the system increases the amount of total potatoes in your inventory.   

  2. When you sell french fries, for example, it deducts the potatoes from the total amount and not from a particular brand of potatoes.

  3. When you look at inventory it gives you the total count of the master product group and you count the item as a total for the group.

  4. When you use the item in the menu, you don’t distinguish by brand. If you have a menu item that requires a specific brand, you cannot add this brand to a master product. 

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