Get your API credentials on Talech side:

  1. Login to your Talech account and click on the account name (top right corner) -> account settings.  

  2. Scroll down to API Keys and click on Show Tokens -> Generate New Token.

  3. You will be asked to insert a Developer name and Developer email. Add any name (you can use Simpleorder to differentiate it from other API connections you have), and insert a valid email address that you can access, click Generate API token.

4. You will then receive an email with your API credentials that you would have to use on SimpleOrder side. 

Connect SimpleOrder to Talech:

  1. Login to your SimpleOrder account.

  2. On the left menu click Settings > Add-ons. If Add-ons does not exist please contact SimpleOrder support at

  3. Look for Talech on the list of add-ons and click Connect.

  4. Insert the API credentials that you had received in the email: Client Id, Client Secret and Token. *The link in the pop up is instructions on how to generate the API information (as described in steps 1-4 at first section of this article).

5. Click OK.
6. Your menus will be synced and you will be redirected to the menu section in SimpleOrder.  Your modifiers will be synced as well. 

Your SimpleOrder is now connected to your POS. Any time you add a menu item on Talech you can sync it with SimpleOrder by clicking on the Sync button at the top right hand side on the Menu page in SimpleOrder.

In order to delete menu items that you are not using in Talech anymore, disconnect Talech from SimpleOrder in the settings section. Now your menu items will have a bin icon next to them. Re-connect to Talech. 

Note: In order to benefit the integration to the fullest and automate your inventory, you should add menu ingredients to each menu item and each modifier. Please refer to our help section on your account for detailed instructions.

Important: transactions are transferred from Talech to SimpleOrder at end of your business day. Meaning at the z-hour (cut off hour) set on Talech backoffice. This means that inventory and PvS report will reflect your sales only after that z-hour for that day. 

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