The setting and help buttons are now located in the new side panel under “Settings” and the “Help” within the home button at the top left hand panel or on the at the bottom of the main menu.

Draft and Templates

Templates and draft orders are now located under “purchase orders.”

Product Display in the Catalog Section

There is a new product detail display in “Catalog Section” which now includes all pricing details. Now you can view final prices here. Prices and calculations now include up to 4 decimal points.

Adding Categories 

You can now add categories to multiple products in your catalog simultaneously:

Adding Individual Items

To add an individual item to your inventory, you can now find the “add item” button at the bottom of your inventory page.

Replenishing Items

You can now create an order directly from your inventory page and you have the ability to make multiple orders from suppliers at once, making the ordering process faster and more streamlined.

After you click order to replenish your inventory, you can click on the + sign to choose the amount you’d like to order, or click on the battery sign to create an order for your par level amount. A draft order is then created and you can click on the order box at the top of the page to place it.

Creating Counting Lists 

Your counting list categorizes your items either by location, food type, size, or any other type of grouping that helps organize your inventory. To create counting lists go to  “counts, and then click on “start new count," then "new list" at the bottom left and give it a name.

Counting Your Inventory 

To start counting your inventory by lists, click on the list you want to count, click “start counting,”  insert the quantity and click on “done counting.”  You can now submit your inventory count, without counting every list.

When you submit a count, you can edit the date by clicking "change," which means that you can submit a count retroactively. You can also select whether you want to set the uncounted items to zero or keep uncounted items unchanged. 

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