The integration syncs your menus. Any time you click the Sync button in the menu section in SO it will add any new menu items added to Epos Now. However, it does not delete menus even if they were deleted in Epos. To delete menu items in SimpleOrder you have to disconnect. See last section of this article. 

Please contact your account manager or to ask for Epos Now to be enabled as an option on your account. 


In SimpleOrder:
Chain account must allow branches to manage their own menus. In account settings -> Profile -> check off "Branches manage their own menus". 

In Epos Now:

  1. Must have API installed: Log into your Epos Now account -> on the left menu click API -> if you see that API app does not exist on the list search for the API App in the list of Apps and install it. 

2. Create API device: Click on API -> REST API  -> scroll all the way down and click on 'Add/Remove API Device' and purchase the license. For each branch in SimpleOrder you must have an API license in Epos Now. 

3. In Your API Devices section click on Edit -> give it a Name and Description and select  
the location from the dropdown list. Click 'Update'.

4. In Your API Devices section click on 'Access Credentials' (all the way to the right) and copy the Authorization Token to insert to SO connection. 

Connecting SimpleOrder and Epos Now

In SimpleOrder go to Settings -> Add ons -> Click connect for Epos -> add the token you copied from Epos -> Click Ok. 

Your menus will be synced and you will be redirected to the Menu section. At this point an email will be sent to our support team to finalize the connection. 

A. In Your API Devices section click on Advanced -> Edit -> look for 'API URL: (Site or service to send outgoing communications to)' and change the address to ->  click SAVE.

B. In Your API Devices section click WebHooks

Click on Add WebHook Trigger on right top side and fill in as follows:

  • API Device: leave as 'API'

  • Path: put in this address + the location id from the email /integrations/eposnow/webhook?LocationID=

 For example: /integrations/eposnow/webhook?LocationID=17354

  • Event: change to 'Complete Transaction'. 

Delete menu items:
Only disconnect form SO and you'll have the bin icon next to the menu items. 

Disconnect completely:
If you do now want to connect your SimpleOrder account with Epos Now anymore disconnect it from SimpleOrder and Epos Now as follows:
In SO under Settings -> Add-ons -> Disconnect.
In Epos Now Go to Apps -> API -> REST API -> Your API Devices -> Edit -> uncheck the enabled checkbox. 

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