Once your Central Kitchen Retail account is connected to your Central Kitchen Supplier account, your retailer's stock levels will change in real time. Every time you process orders placed by the locations through your supplier account, the raw materials of the product will be automatically depleted from your retailer inventory - giving you accurate and real time stock quantities.  

Set up:

  1. SimpleOrder connects your CK Retailer account to your CK Supplier account.

  2. On the Supplier account upload your catalog of prepared items you sell to your locations.

3. On the Supplier account under Customers check that your chain and
branches are connected customers. If not, click New customer → add details → 'Send an invitation' (branches should receive an email and accept invitation).

4. On the Retailer account, add all of the suppliers you order your raw materials from and upload their catalogs.

5. On the Retailer account, create your list of menu items you sell to your locations making sure that your menu codes are identical to supplier's catalog item numbers. On left menu click Menu → New menu → give it a name and the same code you assigned to this item on the supplier's catalog → add the ingredients (ingredients must exist on catalogs of this account) → click Save.

Retailer menu

Supplier catalog:

How it works:

  1. Your Retailer orders raw materials from outside suppliers (flour, yeast, sugar) and makes prepared food (Cheesecake).

  2. Your Supplier sells the prepared items to the locations, therefore the catalog on your Supplier account would say Cheesecake.

  3. When your locations order Cheesecake, your supplier sees the order in the Orders section. When the supplier clicks on the order they see a 'Process' button. *If it's the first time the order is viewed (has not been viewed by email), there will be a 'Confirm' button as well. 

4. In order for the Retailer's inventory to be depleted, the supplier should click the 'Process' button. *You can click process immediately as soon as the order comes in and the ingredients will be instantly depleted from your retailer inventory. Or you can click 'Process' after the order has been delivered to the location and received by the location. 

Once the order is processed:

a) The quantities of ingredients you have put in the menu item (Cheesecake: 10g of sugar, 30g yeast) are depleted from inventory. If the raw materials did not exist in inventory, they will automatically be added when you click 'Process' and 'Save'. Note: You must click 'Save' to confirm the process of the order. 

b) An icon will appear next to the order to indicate this order has been processed. 

Note: The supplier can process the order to a retroactive date by selecting the date on the calendar at the top, after clicking 'Process'. If you save it to a date prior to a physical count, the quantities in inventory will not change.

5. You have the option to un-process an order. When you click on an order that has been processed, you will see the 'Unprocess' button. Clicking on 'Unprocess' will cancel the action and increase quantities back in Retailer's inventory.

For step-by-step instructions on how to setup the different CK accounts (supplier, retailer, chain) click here.

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